We specialise in sanitizing, fogging, disinfecting and decontamination.

• We provide a service that will leave your establishment 99.9% germ free.

• Eliminate all environmental micro-organisms.

• Controls contamination for up to 28 days.

• Use products that are active against all Pathogens (viruses AND bacteria).

• Fog and disinfect drains, vents, canopies and hard to reach surfaces.

• Ensure that products are SABS approved and tested against Pathogens.

• Ensure that the area treated will be safe to enter within an hour of fogging.

• Provide a professional service and aftercare cleaning products and support.

• We offer staff training to ensure your ongoing health and safety.

• A dedicated and professional team always ready to assist.

• No long shutdowns, shorten loss of production time, get back to work within hours.

• Saves you time and money.

On site solutions:

We offer on-site training, which equips your staff to sanitize and fog your site themselves. This training will empower them and save you long term costs. Our equipment can be purchased and become an asset that benefits your company. We provide all the aftercare products to ensure that you are always delivering the best, high quality cleaning standards.


You will receive a certificate of service after your home or workplace has been disinfected and is safe to enter.